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Leila Deravi

Northeastern University

Assistant Professor


United States

Composition & Microstructure - Bulk Techniques>Spectroscopy, Composition & Microstructure - Features>Chemical Composition, Composition & Microstructure - Features>Macromolecular Structure, Composition & Microstructure - Features>Microstructure, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Biomaterial, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Nanoscale, Composition & Microstructure - Surface Techniques>Mass Spectroscopy, Performance - Functionality>Biomedical, Performance - Functionality>Biomedical/Biological, Performance - Functionality>Devices, Performance - Material Form>Nanostructure, Properties - Chemical>Surface Chemistry, Synthesis & Processing - Assembly>Biomimetic (Assembly), Synthesis & Processing - Assembly>Self-Assembly, Synthesis & Processing - Chemical Reaction>Biological Synthesis (Chemical Reaction), Synthesis & Processing - Chemical Reaction>Biomimetic (Chemical Reaction), Synthesis & Processing - Deposition>Ink-Jet Printing MA05.05.05 : Natural Light-Scattering Nanostructures Enhance Visible Color in Textiles

Zhongwei Gao

NM05.11.03 : Scalable Fabrication of Patterned ZnO Nanostructures by Using Microreactor-Assisted Nanoparticle Deposition Process and Microfluidic Channels

Hyun Soo Kim

Korea University

SM07.02.05 : Regenerable Endocrine Disrupting Substances Adsorbent Based on Hydrogel Hybrid Molybdenum Disulfide Nanoflake

Myung Jong Kang

Sogang University

EN18.15.04 : Strategies to Efficient Solar Energy Utilization on CO2 Reduction—Artificial Photosynthesis

Zhiyuan Sun

Northwestern Univ

EP04.08.02 : Strain-Energy Release Mechanisms of Bent Semiconductor Nanowires by Polygonization and Nanocrack Formation

Yonggang Ke

SM04.01.02 : Structural DNA Nanotechnology—Complex Self-Assembly and Applications

David Simeone


EN17.07.07 : Prediction of Patterns Formation in Irradiated Alloys via the Swift-Hohenberg Equation

Jounghoon Lee

NM08.02.02 : STANDARD GRAPHENE's Products and Applications

Nicholas Kloussis

California State Univ-Northridge

NM13.03.01 : Search for Novel Topological Weyl Semimetal Phases

Laurence Luneville


EN17.08.01 : Impact of Nuclear Transmutations on the Primary Damage Production—The Example of Ni Based Steels

Todd Brintlinger

U.S. Naval Research Lab

CM02.06.10 : Electron-Beam-Induced Electrical Potentials Introduced During In Situ Voltage Cycling and Imaging of Platinum Electrodes in Sulfuric Acid

Alberto Fernandez-Nieves

Georgia Inst of Technology

NM02.01.03 : Curvature-Induced Defect Unbinding and Dynamics of Active Nematics on Tori

Hye Jin Lee

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology


Korea, Republic of

EN11.04.13 : Development of Solar Water Heating System Using Multi-Layer Photo-Thermal Conversion Material

Wei Zhang

xi'an jiaotong university

Associate Professor



Composition & Microstructure - Chemical Element>Ge, Composition & Microstructure - Chemical Element>Sb, Composition & Microstructure - Chemical Element>Se, Composition & Microstructure - Chemical Element>Si, Composition & Microstructure - Chemical Element>Te, Composition & Microstructure - Features>Defects, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Composite, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Compound, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Crystalline, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Elemental, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Graphene, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Iii-V, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Metal, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Nanoscale, Composition & Microstructure - Material Type>Thin Film, Composition & Microstructure - Surface Techniques>Scanning Electron Microscopy (Sem), Performance - Functionality>Electronic Material, Performance - Functionality>Memory, Performance - Functionality>Spintronic, Performance - Functionality>Storage, Performance - Functionality>Thermoelectric, Performance - Material Form>Amorphous, Performance - Material Form>Crystal, Performance - Material Form>Film, Performance - Theory>Simulation, Properties - Transport>Electrical Properties, Properties - Transport>Metal-Insulator Transition, Synthesis & Processing - Deposition>Molecular Beam Epitaxy (Mbe), Synthesis & Processing - Deposition>Sputtering, Synthesis & Processing - Growth>Crystal Growth, Synthesis & Processing - Transformation>Annealing, Synthesis & Processing - Transformation>Phase Transformation EP07.06.04 : Sub-Nanosecond Writing of Phase Change Memory

Kendra Letchworth-Weaver

Argonne National Laboratory

Graduate Research Assistant


United States

Composition & Microstructure - Bulk Techniques>Neutron Scattering, Composition & Microstructure - Bulk Techniques>X-Ray Diffraction (Xrd), Composition & Microstructure - Features>Crystallographic Structure, Composition & Microstructure - Surface Techniques>X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Xps), Performance - Functionality>Catalytic, Performance - Functionality>Energy Generation, Performance - Functionality>Energy Storage, Performance - Material Form>Crystal, Performance - Material Form>Liquid, Performance - Theory>Simulation, Properties - Chemical>Adsorption, Properties - Chemical>Surface Chemistry, Properties - Transport>Electron-Phonon Interactions, Properties - Transport>Electronic Structure, Synthesis & Processing - Chemical Reaction>Solution Deposition, Synthesis & Processing - Chemical Reaction>Surface Reaction, Synthesis & Processing - Deposition>Molecular Beam Epitaxy (Mbe), Synthesis & Processing - Growth>Crystal Growth CM04.04.15 : Combining First Principles Theory and X-Ray Reflectivity to Optimize Epitaxial Growth of Oxide Thin Films, CM04.11.02 : Validating Molecular Dynamics and Joint DFT Predictions of Interfacial Water Using X-Ray Reflectivity

Maxwell Dylla

Northwestern Medicine

EN10.04.02 : Emergent Electronic Transport Properties of SrTiO3 from its Quazi-2D Band Structure and Implications for Thermoelectric Efficiency

Anumeet Kaur

Department of Physics, Guru Nanak Dev University,

CM04.04.02 : Structural, Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Iron Doped Barium Strontium Titanate

Dongmyeong Lee

Chonnam National University

NM05.05.11 : A Study on the Effect of Siloxane-Based Artificial Layer on Electrical Properties of Silicon Nanocrystal Based Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Arkaprava Das

Inter University Accelerator Centre

EP02.09.32 : Interconnection of Charge Neutrality Level with Electronic Structure and p-d Hybridization and Its Modification Upon Electronic Excitations

Mark Aarts

MA03.05.02 : Solid-Electrolyte Energy Landscaping for the Deposition of Nanometric Metal Structures Using Electrochemical AFM, Towards New Designs for Plasmonics