Directeur de Recherche CNRS
Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques
Researcher on magnetic polymer-based nanoparticles
Dr Olivier Sandre is tenured CNRS scientist since 2001 and senior researcher since 2014. He started to work on ferrofluids in 1996 with their inventor, R. E. Rosensweig, who was at that time invited professor in the Jussieu ferrofluid group lead by Pr J-C. Bacri and Pr R. Perzynski. After his PhD in 2000 on the dynamics of pores in giant lipid vesicles supervised by Pr F. Brochard-Wyart in Curie Institute and a 1-year post-doc in California (UCSB) with Pr D. J. Pine and Pr D. K. Fygenson about physical measurements on biological tubules, he came back to UPMC in Paris in 2001 in Pr V. Cabuil’s team. He joined the Laboratory of Organic Polymers Chemistry in 2010 after collaborating with Pr. S. Lecommandoux from LCPO since 2003. He works on polymeric systems doped with magnetic nanoparticles, especially magnetic polymersomes for theranostics (MRI combined with anti-cancer therapy). He served as adjunct professor at Waterloo University in Canada in 2012-2015 and chair of subcommittee 9 “Structure and Dynamics of Soft and Biological Condensed Matter” in 2014-2016 at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) . He received the 2012 Young Researcher award of the Physical Chemistry division of French Chemical Society (SCF) and French Physics Society (SFP) for his researches on self-assembled magnetic polymer nanocomposite materials.
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