Portrait - Benjamin Bammes
Director of Applications & Product Development
Direct Electron, LP

With a broad scientific background—including physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, and chemistry, I am well-equipped to recognize and develop unique applications for new technologies. I have more than fifteen years of experience working with small businesses to develop and commercialize new products in scientific/technical fields. Since 2006, I have been primarily focused on optimizing data acquisition and image processing for electron microscopy. My Ph.D. research was completed under Dr. Wah Chiu (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX), and we published results related to specimen radiation damage, characterization of new electron cameras, development of microscope automation software, and development of image processing algorithms. I have since continued this research trajectory at Direct Electron, LP (San Diego, C A) by specifying hardware requirements and developing software to maximize the performance and utility of our breakthrough Direct Detection Device (DDD®) electron sensors. As part of this work, I engage with investigators throughout the broad electron microscopy community to develop new methods, software, and applications, and to understand future scientific needs that will drive development of new instrumentation.

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