Date/Time: 04-03-2018 - Tuesday - 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Daesin Kim1 2 Sangho Cho1

1, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, , Korea (the Republic of)
2, Korea University, Seoul, , Korea (the Republic of)

As one of the newest family of 2D materials, 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides (MXenes) have attracted attention in a wide range of applications including energy storage, electromagnetic interference shielding, electrode, water purification, catalysis. The surface groups of -OH, =O, -F enable MXene well-dispersed in aqueous solution. However, their dispersibility in organic solvents is limited in polar ones, such as ethanol, dimethylsulfoxide, N, N-dimethylformamide. Here, the study on surface modification of 2D transition metal carbide, T3C2Tx, is described. Also, the dispersibility of the resulting MXene nanoparticles in the various organic solvents is studied. The organic phase dispersion of nanoparticles would widen the compatibility of the nanoparticle with various media and polymer matrices, which can accelerate the research in functional materials.

Meeting Program

5:00 PM–7:00 PM Apr 3, 2018 (America - Denver)

PCC North, 300 Level, Exhibit Hall C-E