Company Overview

Barnett Technical Services distributes products for material characterization and manipulation. 

Key Products: Cathodoluminescence; Micromanipulators; Microscopes


Micro Support offers micro-sampling solutions where strict precision and quality control are required.  Typical examples include work in the areas of polymers/plastics, petrochemicals, electronics, semiconductors, and biotech/medical applications.

Attolight manufactures the world’s only quantitative cathodoluminescence (CL) systems. Attolight systems can be configured in a research-grade tool with variable temperature and time-resolved measurements or our new wafer measurement tool that can handle 300 mm wafers. Barnett Technical Services will display information on Micro Support micromanipulators that allow for controlled micro-sample manipulation in a benchtop configuration. Information will also be presented on Nanopsis Super-Resolution Microscopes which provide for measurement resolutions as small as 50 microns with a standard benchtop microscope.