Magnus Berggren1

1, Linkoping University, Norrkoping, , Sweden

Organic electronics is today explored and utilized in various electronic sensor and bioelectronics systems to transduce physical, chemical and biological signals into electronic ones, and vice versa. In organic electronic sensor-actuator systems, we explore this dual signal translation functionality to derive artificial neural networks, coordinated by a capacitively coupled intra-body network (IBN) technology. With organic electronics printed on medical packages, skin patches and in vivo electrodes, we aim at an IBN-based health care technology for advanced diagnostics, monitoring and therapy, targeting neurological disorders and diseases. In our IBN platform PEDOT:PSS serves as a key-component, being able to conduct and process both biochemical and electronic signals. Various signal processing, sensor and delivery devices, based on PEDOT:PSS, have been developed for various dedicated applications. These have then been applied to different in vitro and in vivo model systems, to combat for instance pathological pain and epileptic seizures.