Poster Session—Attendee Viewing

2:00 PM–7:00 PM Apr 5, 2018 (America - Denver)

PCC North, 300 Level, Halls C-E—Exhibit


Authors will be available for poster discussions from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Best Poster Awards will be presented at 5:30 pm. Posters will be presented from the following sessions:

Characterization, Modeling and Theory
CM01.12—Poster Session II
CM04.11—Poster Session II
CM06.08—Poster Session: Functional Imaging of STEM II

Energy Materials and Technologies
EN02.12—Poster Session II
EN06.12—Poster Session II
EN10.13—Poster Session II
EN11.14—Poster Session III
EN12.10—Poster Session
EN13.08—Poster Session II
EN14.13—Poster Session III
EN15.09—Poster Session II

Electronic and Photonic Materials
EP05.07—Poster Session
EP08.10—Poster Session II

MA02.08—Poster Session II: Organic Electronics—Processing, Microstructure and Multifunctioning II
MA04.11—Poster Session

NM01.08—Poster Session II: Nanomaterials and Devices by Cluster Beam Deposition
NM03.11—Poster Session
NM04.09—Poster Session: Porous Materials and Nanocomposites for Catalysis III
NM05.11—Poster Session III
NM07.07—Poster Session: Magnetic Nanostructures
NM08.08—Poster Session III
NM09.16—Poster Session: Sensing
NM10.13—Poster Session II
NM11.11—Poster Session: Deformable 2D Materials II

Soft Materials and Biomaterials
SM01.12—Poster Session: Soft Robotic Sensors, Electronics, Power and Displays III
SM03.08—Poster Session II
SM04.09—Poster Session III: Design and Control Biostructures
SM05.05—Poster Session
SM07.08—Poster Session II
SM08.08—Poster Session II