Poster Session—Attendee Viewing

2:00 PM–7:00 PM Apr 3, 2018 (America - Denver)

PCC North, 300 Level, Halls C-E—Exhibit


Authors will be available for poster discussions from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Best Poster Awards will be presented at 5:30 pm. Posters will be presented from the following sessions:

Characterization, Modeling and Theory
CM03.03—Poster Session
CM04.04—Poster Session I
CM06.03—Poster Session: Functional Imaging of STEM I

Energy Materials and Technologies
EN05.03—Poster Session: Composites for Sustainable Energy
EN06.04—Poster Session I
EN07.03—Poster Session: Actinide
EN08.04—Poster Session: Tandem Solar Cells
EN11.04—Poster Session I
EN14.05—Poster Session I
EN17.03—Poster Session
EN18.04—Poster Session
EN19.04—Poster Session I

Electronic and Photonic Materials
EP01.03—Poster Session
EP02.04—Poster Session I
EP03.03—Poster Session
EP06.04—Poster Session
EP07.03—Poster Session

Late Breaking News
LN01.03—Poster Session
LN02.03—Poster Session

MA01.03—Poster Session
MA05.03—Poster Session

NM01.03—Poster Session I: Nanomaterials and Devices by Cluster Beam Deposition
NM02.03—Poster Session: Emerging Studies of Colloids
NM04.03—Poster Session: Porous Materials and Nanocomposites for Catalysis I
NM05.05—Poster Session I
NM06.04—Poster Session
NM08.03—Poster Session I
NM09.06—Poster Session: Plasmonics and Metamaterials I
NM10.04—Poster Session I
NM12.03—Poster Session: Quantum Dot Innovation
NM13.04—Poster Session

Soft Materials and Biomaterials
SM01.03—Poster Session: Soft Robotic Sensors, Electronics, Power and Displays I
SM04.03—Poster Session I: Design and Control Biostructures
SM07.03—Poster Session I