Wei-Ciang Huang1 Yi-Jia Wu1 Pochun Chen1

1, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, , Taiwan

We develop chemical bath deposition processes for conformal Pt and IrO2 depositions on titania nanotube array of 800 nm in length. In addition, we develop an anodization process which can control tube diameters and densities of titania nanotube arrays. These Pt and IrO2 nanotube arrays undergo electrochemical analysis in charge storage capacity (CSC) and electrochemical impedance to evaluate its potential as stimulation electrodes for implantable devices. Images from electron microscopes confirm the formation of uniform Pt and IrO2 on both internal and external surface of nanotubes. In addition, the cycling lifetime of Pt and IrO2 nanotube arrays is evaluated by performing CV scans for 1,000 cycles with a scan rate of 0.1 V/s. The Pt and IrO2 nanotube arrays reveal large CSC values and low electrochemical impedances which are attributed to hollow tubular nanostructure with Pt and IrO2 deposition.