Nagendra Chauhan1 2 Sivaiah Bathula1 2 Avinash Vishwakarma1 2 Ruchi Bhardwaj1 2 Bhasker Gahtori1 2 Ajay Dhar1 2

1, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, , India
2, Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR), New Delhi, , India

Solid state thermoelectrics (TE) devices exhibit great prospects for power generation by harnessing waste heat, thus offering an effective solution to the ever rising need for sustainable energy worldwide. However, conflicting material characteristics and parasitic losses arising during fabrication of these TE devices pose a formidable challenge. In the present work, we demonstrate a time efficient fabrication of n & p thermo-elements by Spark Plasma Sintering using Ti electrical contact from high performance half-Heuslers TE materials having a ZT value of ~ 1 for both n-type Zr0.5Hf0.5Ni1-xSn and p-type Zr0.5Hf0.5Co1-xSb0.9Sn0.1 (x = 0 - 0.04) at 873 K. A very low specific contact resistivity of the as-sintered HH/Ti thermo-elements better than 10 mΩ.cm2 for both n-type and p-type thermo-elements was realised. Fabricated efficient n-type and p-type thermo-elements, with strong and stable metallic interconnects display the promising aspects of the present methodology for large-scale, economical and time efficient fabrication of a TE device.