Zhi Kuang Tan1

1, National University of Singapore, Singapore, , Singapore

Recent discoveries of perovskite electroluminescence and lasing, as well as the realisation of highly-luminescent perovskite nanocrystals have triggered intense research into the use of perovskite semiconductors for display applications. Perovskites' facile bandgap tuning, that allow light-emission across the entire visible spectrum, and their narrow emission bandwidth are remarkably useful properties for implementation into wide color-gamut displays with vibrant and accurate color reproduction. In this talk, we will share some of our recent developments on perovskite emissive devices as well as discuss our new findings on the degradation mechanism and stability enhancement solutions to perovskite materials. In particular, we will share our recent work on photo-activated halide exchange, which enables an alternative approach towards bandgap tuning, and discuss some of its potential applications in emissive display devices.