Yue Zhu1 Guihua Yu1

1, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, United States

Research on two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials is rising to an unprecedented height and continues to remain a very important topic in materials science. In parallel with the continuous discovery of new candidate materials and exploration of their unique characteristics, there are intensive interests to rationally control and tune the properties of 2D nanomaterials in a predictable manner. Attention has been focused on modifying these materials structurally or engineering them into designed architectures, driven by the requirements for specific applications. Recent advances in structural engineering strategies have demonstrated their ability to overcome current material and processing limitations, showing great promise for promoting device performance to a new level in many energy-related applications.
In this talk I will overview several important structural engineering strategies and their underlying mechanisms to significantly improve energy storage properties of 2D nanomaterials, and then focus on our recent progress in developing interlayer engineering and porosity engineering of 2D materials for efficient energy storage in Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, and beyond.