Melanie Avgerakis1

1, Explore Academy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

In today's world, we are all responsible for being aware of and reducing our environmental footprint. The larger the entity, the greater the responsibility. This is doubly true for schools, who not only create their own footprint, but have the power and responsibility of shaping the next generation and their awareness. At Explore Academy, a small team of students and teachers worked to determine 1. to do what degree can we reduce our impact? 2. to what degree can we create more sustainably-minded citizens? Over the course of the school year, the team implemented a number of measures to adjust our community's practices around waste, energy use, and energy production; as well as began to integrate curriculum to educate our students about sustainable energy in a practical, real-world context. From all of this, we present to you our proposal for how any school is not only able to, but responsible for being a model of sustainable practices and education that looks toward the future.