Rana Mohtadi1 Oscar Tutusaus1

1, Toyota, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

The ever-increasing demands for safe, energy dense and low cost energy storage systems have been driving interests in beyond Li-ion batteries such as those based on magnesium metal and all solid state battery systems[1,2]. In particular, rechargeable magnesium batteries have been receiving increased interests driven by the numerous recent advancements, particularly in the field of developing practical Mg electrolytes[1,3,4]. These progresses have been made primarily in developing novel salt systems for Mg batteries, including those for conducting Mg2+ ions even in the solid state at elevated temperatures[3]. However, the solvent ingredient of the electrolyte remains largely unaddressed. In fact, the incompatibility of all non-ethereal solvents with Mg metal have confined the solvent choices to those non optimal solvent choices.
Herein, we address this key challenge and offer a path towards overcoming this limitation in Mg batteries by developing novel class of Mg conducting and compatible electrolyte systems. We also demonstrate how the utility of these novel solvent systems extends to other battery beyond Mg batteries.
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