Fabian Koenemann1 Fabian Menges1 Nico Mosso1 Siegfried Karg1 Kirsten Moselund1 Bernd Gotsmann1

1, IBM Research - Zurich, Ruschlikon, , Switzerland

This talk summarizes recent developments in the use of scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) for local thermometry and thermal conductance measurements. The pros and cons of SThM in comparison with other thermometry methods will be discussed. We further describe techniques to quantify temperature avoiding typical artifacts of SThM [1]. Examples of high-resolution measurements of nano-electronic semiconductor devices [1,2], metal interconnects [1], phase change devices [2] and molecular and atomic junctions [3,4]. Finally, we will discuss ongoing strategies to reach resolutions down to and below the 1-nm scale at a sensitivity of Picowatts, and approaches using dynamic operation modes of atomic force microscopy to control SThM scans.
[1] F. Menges et al., Nature Communications 7(10874), 2016
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