Rudra Pratap1 Goran Majkic1 Eduard Galstyan1 Mehdi Kochat1 Vasish Mohan1 Venkat Selvamanickam1

1, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, United States

We report the development of high performance thick (Gd,Y)Ba2Cu3Ox tapes in a single pass using an Advanced Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (A-MOCVD) system. Record high critical current (Ic) of over 7200 A/cm at 30 K, 3 T (BIIc) has been achieved in heavily doped (15 mol. % Zr addition), 4.8 µm (Gd,Y)Ba2Cu3Ox tapes with a record high lift factor of ~11. This corresponds to an extremely high engineering current density (Je) of over 7000 A/mm2.
In addition, Ic of over 2100 A/4 mm at 4.2 K, 14 T (BIIc) has been achieved in heavily doped (15 mol. % Zr addition), 4.3 µm (Gd,Y)Ba2Cu3Ox tapes on IBAD- MgO/LMO substrates .It corresponds to a pinning force (Fp ) of 1.7 TN/m3 and an record engineering current density (Je) of over 5100 A/mm2 which is almost double of the highest value ever reported.
We attribute this achievement to excellent temperature control and laminar flow feasible in A-MOCVD, coupled with optimization of BaZrO3 nanocolumn growth parameters. High density of BaZrO3 nanocolumns of average size 4-5 nm and an average spacing of 18-19 nm between them contributes to superior flux pinning properties.

This work is supported by the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office and the Office of High Energy Physics.