Xiangxia Wei1 Jun Ding1

1, National University of Singapore, Singapore, , Singapore

It is well known that YBa2Cu3O7-x high temperature superconductor bulks can carry transport current in high magnetic field for many practical engineering applications. In this paper, three-dimensional YBCO compounts with designed shapes, high density and excellent superconducting properties were first successfully prepared by an extrusion-based additive manufacturing or 3D printing technique involving aqueous and non-aqueous pastes composed of milled precursors. The obtained milled powder can effectively reduce sintering temperature and simultaneously improve densification of YBCO compared with unmilled sample. Then, milled powder dispersed in aqueous and non-aqueous systems were printable to build YBCO part layer by layer, exhibiting shear thinning behaviors with the viscosity, density and porosity mainly related to their binder type and solid loading. It was found that non-aqueous PVB solution and high solid loading seemed to have a slightly positive effect on density, reaching up to 93% of theoretical density after just sintering at 940 oC for 10 h. To the end, a printed YBCO hollow cylinder with large trapped magnetic field demonstrated its ability of prolonging the levitation time, extending the potential application in flywheel technology. The integration of extrusion printing technique with milled precursors realizes the possibility of producing complex-shaped and scale-up YBCO with useful electromagnetic properties for a broad range of applications.