Xavier Obradors1 Teresa Puig1 Ziliang Li1 Cornelia Pop1 Natalia Chamorro2 Bohores Villarejo1 Flavio Pino1 Ferran Valles1 Bernat Mundet1 Laia Soler1 Julia Jareño1 Silvia Rasi1 3 Juri Banchewski1 Roger Guzman1 Jaume Gázquez1 Mariona Coll1 Anna Palau1 Susagna Ricart1 Josep Ros2 Jordi Farjas3 Pere Roura3

1, ICMAB - CSIC, Bellaterra, , Spain
2, UAB, Bellaterra, , Spain
3, Univ. Girona, Girona, , Spain

High current superconducting wires for large scale power applications and magnets has been one of the most challenging achievements during all the HTS era which encompasses many materials science and engineering challenges. Coated conductors of YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) have emerged as the most attractive opportunity to reach unique performances while reducing the cost/performance ratio continues to be a key objective at present. Chemical solution deposition (CSD) is a very competitive cost-effective technique which has been used to obtain nanocomposite films and CCs. In the recent years we have been able to demonstrate the unique potentiality of CSD techniques based on Ink Jet Printing deposition to achieve low cost, low anisotropy and high critical current coated conductors. In this presentation, we will report on recent progress on the development of growth process and enhanced vortex pinning of CSD nanocomposite YBCO films, obtained from colloidal solutions where preformed oxide nanoparticles (NPs) stabilized in the YBCO precursor solutions are used. A thorough investigation correlating the pinning landscape with the defect microstructure has been pursuit through detailed angular dependent in-field critical currents and HRTEM/STEM analysis. We will also report how CSD nanocomposites can be obtained through a new approach based on a transient-liquid assisted growth (TLAG) enabling ultrafast growth rates in the range of 50 nm/s.