Jongho Choi1 Sangho Cho1 Minwon Park2

1, Supercoil, Changwon, , Korea (the Republic of)
2, Changwon National University, Changwon, , Korea (the Republic of)

Large-scaled induction furnaces for non-ferrous metal billets operated at commercial frequency have an energy efficiency of only 50~60% due to the considerable loss from the copper coils used to generate the magnetic fields. Efforts to improve their efficiency are hampered by physical limits. A DC induction heating using HTS magnets has been suggested for achieving higher energy efficiency.
A 10kW-class prototype for an HTS DC induction heater was developed in 2013. Changwon National University and TECHSTEEL had completed a project to develop a 300 kW-class superconducting induction heater(SIH) with HTS magnets in 2017. And Supercoil Co., Ltd., which had established on Sep. in 2016 as a professional development company of the SIH and superconducting magnet, initiated the business of the SIH since 2017.
In this paper, we are going to introduce a 300 kW-class SIH and its performance test results. The HTS magnets were fabricated and excited under the conduction cooling condition, successfully. Now, the SIH with the HTS magnets are being fabricated and tested to heat up the metal billets including both the ferrous and non-ferrous metal billets. The MgB2 magnet was developed for the SIH, too. The performance test results will be presented, in detailed. The all performance test results will be applied for the commercial product of SIH.