Liangbing Hu1

1, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, United States

Solid state electrolytes are known for non-flammability, dendrite blocking, and stability over large potential windows. Garnet-based solid-state electrolytes have attracted much attention for their high ionic conductivities and stability with lithium metal anodes. However, high interface resistance with lithium anodes hinders their application to lithium metal batteries. In this talk, I will discuss the following aspects of our advanced solid state batteries using garnet electrolyte:
Various interface engineering materials for Li metal and Garnet, including ALD Al2O3, PECVD Si, metals and alloys (Nature Materials 2016; JACS 2016; Advanced Materials 2017; Science Advances 2017);
Cathode-garnet interface engineering;
In-situ neutron depth profiling technique in understanding Li-garnet and CNT-garnet interfaces;
3D Li metal batteries using bilayer and trilayer Garnet 3D structures.