Dae-Hyeong Kim2 1

2, Institute for Basic Science, Seoul, , Korea (the Republic of)
1, Seoul National University, Seoul, , Korea (the Republic of)

Although recent efforts in device designs and fabrication strategies have resulted in meaningful progresses to the goal of soft electronics, significant challenges still remain in fabricating a soft form of the image sensor array. In this presentation, we report our recent achievement in a high-density soft curved image sensor (CurvIS) array by using a heterostructure of inherently soft 2D materials (MoS2 and graphene), by employing an ultrathin device structure, and by applying strain-isolating/-releasing array designs. This high-density soft CurvIS array with the single-lens optics successfully acquires pixelated images without optical aberration and infrared noises. We also present a human-eye-inspired soft implantable optoelectronic device based on the developed CurvIS array. Theoretical analysis in conjunction with supporting experiments corroborates the validity of the proposed soft materials and device designs.