Prem Prabhakaran1 Kwang-Sup Lee1

1, Hannam University, Daejeon, , Korea (the Republic of)

Two-photon polymerization is a rapidly expanding mask-less lithographic technique with applications in photonics and biotechnology. This technology which can be termed as 3D printing for the microscale can be used to fabricate high resolution microstructures with arbitrary shapes. Majority of work reported using this technique involves the use of polymeric precursors and fabrication of polymeric microstructures. Current presentation summarizes our efforts to incorporate inorganic nanomaterials into microstructures through various strategies.
Incorporating noble metal nanoparticles or semiconductor quantum dots into polymeric microstructures allows the modulation of their optical properties. This presentation will highlight our ongoing efforts at achieving, silver or quantum dot containing microstructures through two-photon lithography. We describe chemical functionalization of semiconductors QDs, post functionalization of fabricated structures, as well as direct writing of 3D structures containing inorganic materials.