Hao Yan1 Feiyu Kang1 Jie Tian2 Si-Shen Feng1 3

1, Tsinghua University, Beijing, , China
2, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, , China
3, National University of Singapore, Singapore, , Singapore


The limited light penetration depth has tremendously hindered the clinical translation of nano-photothermal therapy (NPTT) even with prominent characteristics of local treatment and high efficiency. On the other hand, failure of intraoperatively eliminating microscopic residual disease (MRD) during standard surgery causes lethal locoregional recurrence and postoperative metastasis for breast cancer. Herein, we have applied NPTT assisted with multimodality imaging and surgery navigation for intraoperatively eliminating MRD in the surgical bed without limitations of laser penetration depth and preoperatively cleaning tumor margins that facilitate the surgery. Remarkably, the synthesized “all-in-one” nanoparticles (NPTT, multimodality imaging and targeting) were found aggregated mainly within the tumor cells in vitro and in vivo, and exhibited facile and high accurate elimination of tumor cells in microscopic level. For resectable MRD, NPTT after fluorescence imaging-guided surgery prevented local recurrence and delivered 100% tumor-free survival. Furthermore, for unresectable MRD, NPTT could delay local tumor recurrence and improved animal survival by nearly twofold compared with standard surgery. Moreover, in tumors initially diagnosed as non-operable immediately, preoperative NPTT could shrink the cancerous lesion and cleaned tumor boundary that could enable surgery. Finally, we have self-made two sets of clinic equipment (open surgery and laparoscopic surgery) for translating adjuvant NPTT to the clinic, combining surgery navigation and NPTT, and obtained excellent imaging and therapeutic effects in vitro. Our work provides a new perspective for the clinical translation of NPTT in the preoperative and intraoperative treatment, and will certainly promote further applications of NPTT in various cancers.

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