Seung Won Lee1 Sung Hwan Cho1 Han Sol Kang1 Beomjin Jeong1 Eui Hyuk Kim1 Taehyun Park1 Chanho Park1 Joun Sung Kim1 Cheolmin Park1

1, Yonsei University, Seoul, , Korea (the Republic of)

Simultaneous sensing and visualization of pressure provides a useful platform to obtain information about a pressurizing object, but the fabrication of such interactive sensors at the single-device level remains challenging. Here, we present a single, non-pixelated electroluminescent (EL) capacitive pressure sensing displays that allows for both sensing and visualization of pressure. Our device is based on a two-terminal capacitor with six constituent layers: top electrode/insulator/hole transport layer/emissive layer/electron transport layer/bottom electrode. Light emission upon exposure to an alternating current field between two electrodes is controlled by the capacitance change of the insulator arising from the pressure applied on top. Besides capacitive pressure sensing, our EL sensor allows for direct visualization of the static and dynamic information of position, shape, and size of a pressurizing object on a non-pixelated single device platform. Monitoring the pressurized area of an elastomeric hemisphere on a device by EL enables quantitative estimation of the Young’s modulus of the elastomer, offering a new characterization method for the mechanical properties of soft materials.