Jounghoon Lee1

1, STANDARD GRAPHENE INC., Ulsan, , Korea (the Republic of)

STANDARD GRAPHENE, headquartered in South Korea, is a company that specializes in high quality graphene and application products. Based on 21 years of intensive research on Carbon Nano Tech field, it is considered to be the only company in the world at this point who can mass produce high quality graphene. With more than 100 global partners across many different industries such as aerospace, automobile, water purification, military, STANDARD GRAPHENE has developed more and better graphene application products than anyone has developed. Now the world is at the point of graphene market explosion and STANDARD GRAPHENE is the absolute forerunner in this war.

Lee JoungHoon, the CEO of STANDARD GRAPHENE, will introduce the products of STANDARD GRAPHENE and some its graphene application products which are ready for the commercial market.