Goutam Kar1

1, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Bangalore, , India

A unique approach was adopted to drive the multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) to the interface of an immiscible PVDF/ABS blends by wrapping the nanotubes with a mutually miscible homopolymer (PMMA). A tailor made interface with an improved stress transfer was achieved in the blends with PMMA wrapped MWNTs. This manifested in an impressive 108% increment in the tensile strength and 48% increment in the Young’s modulus with 3 wt% PMMA wrapped MWNTs in striking contrast to the neat blends. As the PMMA wrapped MWNTs localized at the interface of PVDF/ABS blends, the electrical conductivity could be tuned with respect to only MWNTs which was selectively localized in the PVDF phase, driven by thermodynamics. The electromagnetic shielding properties was assessed using a vector network analyser in a broad range of frequency, X-band (8-12 GHz) and Ku –band (12-18 GHz). Interestingly, enhanced EM shielding was achieved by this unique approach. The blends with only MWNTs shielded the EM waves mostly by reflection however, the blends with PMMA wrapped MWNTs (3 wt%) shielded mostly by absorption (62%). This study opens new avenue in designing materials which show simultaneous improvement in mechanical, electrical conductivity and EM shielding properties.