EP04.05.04 : Failure Analysis of LED

3:30 PM–3:45 PM Apr 4, 2018 (America - Denver)

PCC North, 200 Level, Room 221 B

Sungwook Huh1 Josh Zhao1 Huanhuan Wang1 Darren Dunphy1 David Miller1 Gregory Stone1 Sui Lim1 Mushfeque Manzur1 Michael Gariepy1

1, Lumileds, San Jose, California, United States

In this presentation, the failure criteria of LED will be reviewed. And then the examples of electrical and optical failures of LED products will be discussed. Finally, various Failure Analysis techniques such as FIB, SEM, TEM, OBIRCH, TIVA, PEM, Thermal IR imaging, I-V, Electroluminescence, Photoluminescence, Cathodoluminescence, Raman, FTIR, DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA etc will be reviewed on each type of failures and defects. Brief overview of failure mechanisms of LED products will also be discussed.