Laurent Billon1

1, University of Pau and Adour Country, Pau, , France

The present talk aims at designing bio-inspired polymer materials by chemical natures, materials, structures, properties, processes and functions of the living as a source of innovation and engineering. The use of one or the association of many of these inspiration sources can lead to functional building blocks and then materials by directed self-assembly.
New (meth)acrylic monomers with 100% bio-based carbons and their controlled polymerizations will be described for the elaboration of thermoplastic and elastomeric block copolymers.1, 2
The intimately association between natural “Breath Figure”, as a bottom-up solvent evaporation process and the self-assembly of a building blocks panel based on soft matter will be also discussed. Hierarchically structured honeycomb films, as porous surface3, from well-defined macromolecular structures will be first described for a number of applications including iridescence4, bioactivity & cells adhesion5, CO2/pH-responsive reversible wettability5-6, photocatalysis7 or for light extraction in an Organic Light Emitting Diode8.
Then, photonic crystals over 100 cm2 elaborated by extrusion or pressure casting processes from latexes or from water-based microgels9 building blocks will be shown. Finally, a fully bio-sourced formulation mimicking nacre will be demonstrated as an efficient flame retardant coating for ligno-cellulosic building insulation materials for a sustainable transition.10

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