Emre Kayali1 Jafar Orangi1 Armin Vahid Mohammadi1 Majid Beidaghi1

1, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, United States

MXenes are a family of two-dimensional (2D) metal carbides or nitrides with attractive physical and chemical properties. The research on the electrochemical properties of MXenes in the past few years has revealed their outstanding electrochemical performance and unprecedented volumetric capacitances. So far, about 20 different MXene compositions with a general formula of Mn+1XnTx, where M is a transition metal, X denotes carbon or nitrogen, and Tx stands for surface terminations, are experimentally realized, and many of them have been investigated for their capacitive properties. This talk will present the results of our group’s recent investigations of the fabrication of MXene films and three dimensional (3D) structures and their performance as electrode materials for electrochemical capacitors. The effect of microstructure of freestanding MXene films and 3D MXene aerogels on their electrochemical performance will be discussed. A procedure to synthesize MXenes with controlled lateral dimensions will be presented, and the effects of dimension on the electrode performance will be explained. In addition, our recent efforts on controlling the orientation of the MXenes sheets in the structure of electrodes and the effect of ordering on the performance of the electrodes will be discussed. Our studies show the dependence of the electrical and electrochemical properties of MXene electrodes on the dimension of 2D sheets and their orientation in the structure. The results of this work can help to design MXene electrode with superior properties.