Gustavo de Miguel1

1, University of Cordoba, Cordoba, , Spain

Organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites have shown impressive power conversion efficiency (PCE) in a range of solar cell architectures. Despite the multiple ionic compositions that have been reported so far, the presence of organic-constituents is a common attribute in all the high efficiency formulations, with the methylammonium (MA) and formamidinium (FA) cations being the sole realistic options available to date. In this study, we demonstrate a novel three-dimensional (3D) perovskite with improved material stability as a result of the incorporation of an alternative organic cation, guanidinium, into the MAPbI3 crystal structure. The new perovskite material shows enhanced thermal stability and optoelectronic properties, that allows high power conversion efficiencies over 20 %, an important progress within the perovskite field.