MA02.04.05 : Materials and Devices Towards High Performance Thick-Film Polymer Solar Cells

4:00 PM–4:30 PM Apr 4, 2018

PCC West, 100 Level, Room 102 BC

Fei Huang1

1, South China Univ of Technology, Guangzhou, , China

Herein, we report our efforts on the development of new materials and devices for high performance thick film polymer solar cells (PSCs), which are more compatible for roll-to-roll printing process. A series of high mobility electron donor materials and cathode interfacial materials were designed and synthesized. The resulting PSCs based on these newly developed materials exhibited promising performance with a thick interlayer and light-harvesting layer [1-5]. It was also found that the introduction of highly crystalline small molecule donors into ternary PSCs is an effective way to enhance the charge transport and thus increase the active layer thickness of ternary PSCs that are more suitable for roll-to-roll production than previous thinner devices [6]. These works may provide new solutions for preparing both active layer and interlayer for PSCs and also make them potential candidates to be employed in high performance large area PSC module device in the future.

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