Nam-Gyu Park1

1, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, , Korea (the Republic of)

Since the first report on the solid-state perovskite solar cell with power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 9.7% and 500 h-stability in 2012 by our group, perovskite photovoltaics have received great attention and as a result highest certified PCE of 22.1% was reported in 2017. It is believed that perovskite solar cell is promising next-generation photovoltaics due to superb performance and very low cost. High efficiency has been achieved by spin coating procedure, which is however limited to small area. For commercially available and scale-up considerations together, a large-area coating technology is required. Here, we report on non-heating large-area coating technology for high efficiency perovskite solar cells. We successfully coated perovskite films with dimension up to twenty by twenty square centimeters at room temperature on both glass substrate and flexible polymer substrate. The room-temperature coated perovskite film showed highly crystalline and (110)-oriented structure. The average PCE of about 17-18% was achieved by non-heating large-area coating method. Experimental details and opto-electronic properties will be discussed.