Themis Prodromakis1 2 Alex Serb1

1, University of Southampton, Southampton, , United Kingdom
2, Tsinghua University, Beijing, , China

Large attention has been recently given to a novel technology named memristor, for having the potential of becoming the new electronic device standard. Memristors are dynamic nanoscale electron devices that are nowadays regarded as a promising solution for establishing next-generation memory and computation, owing to their potential of achieving “more” (functionality/information storage) for “less” (power and physical dimensions). Most interestingly, it has been envisioned that mimicking the functionality of biological brain systems could fulfil its potential. During this talk, I will present how memristors can be exploited in practical applications, with particular emphasis in the areas of memory and computation. I shall highlight the opportunities that this emerging technology brings for addressing the needs of modern massively parallel computing and will present several practical applications where metal-oxide memristors can be used for processing effectively and efficiently big data.