Mohan Bhattarai1 Karuna Mishra1 Alvaro Instan1 Sita Dugu1 Ram Katiyar1

1, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

Highly oriented 0.90[PbZr0.53Ti0.47] 0.10[La0.2Scc0.8]O3-δ (PLZTS) thin films were deposited on La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 (LSMO) coated MgO (100) substrates utilizing the laser ablation process in oxygen atmosphere. The optimized PLZTS depositions were conducted at a substrate temperature of 700 °C in the experimental setup (KrF excimer laser λ = 248 nm, f = 5 Hz, energy/pulse 270 mJ) and subsequently annealed at the same temperature for 30 minutes in an ultrapure oxygen atmosphere. The (100) orientation of the PLZTS films was obtained from x-ray diffraction results. The nearly stochiometric of fabricated thin films were obtained from the high-resolution X-ray photoemission spectroscopic (XPS) data. Atomic force microscopic (AFM-Veeco) result in contact mode suggests a homogeneous distribution of grains with surface roughness ~ 3.5 nm, and the grains are interconnected with distinct grain and grain boundaries. Piezo force microscopy (PFM) measurements, operated in single frequency excitation, suggests the presence of ferroelectric domains. at ambient conditions. The temperature dependent dielectric measurements carried out on LSMO/PLZTS/Pt metal-ferroelectric-metal capacitors in 100-600 K and frequency (102-106 Hz) exhibits a broad dielectric maximum. At room temperature, we observed high dielectric constant ~ 650 at 102 Hz. Ferroelectricity of the thin films was ascertained from the observation of well-saturated hysteresis loops with Pr = 22.35 µc/cm2 and Ec =92.46kV/cm respectively at frequency 2kHz. The high dielectric constant, low losses and excellent ferroelectric PLZTS thin film capacitor insights into its potential application in electronic devices