Yunchao Xie1 Chi Zhang1 Cheng Zhang1 Heng Deng1 Jian Lin1

1, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri, United States

Ammonia is synthesized directly from N2 and H2O at room temperature and atmospheric pressure over nanoparticles decorated FeNi3 alloy in-situ anchored on the porous graphene (Fe3O4/FeNi3/G). An ammonia yield rate of and Faradaic efficiency of 14 µg h−1 mgcat−1 and 8.9 %, respectively, were obtained under -0.1 V vs. RHE at room temperature, which is higher than those of Au and Fe2O3-CNT. The high intrinsic activity can be mainly attributed to synergistic effects of FeNi3 alloy, Fe3O4, and G, showing a potential of being one of the most effective non-precious metal-based electrocatalysts for ammonia electrochemical synthesis.