Paul Lou1 Ravindra Bhardwaj1 Anand Katailiha1 Sandeep Kumar1

1, University of California, Riverside, Riverside, California, United States

The observation of the spin-Seebeck effect has opened a new direction to spin current generation and manipulation. This alternative thermal approach of spin injection and thermoelectric energy conversion is believed to be energy-efficient. The spin-Seebeck effect is attributed to phonon-driven spin redistribution and magnon thermal transport. This has led to significant interest in spin-mediated thermal transport and spin-phonon interactions. The spin-phonon interactions and magnon transport can be understood by studying the spin-mediated thermal transport behavior in ferromagnetic and semiconductor thin films. In this work, we present the magneto thermal transport behavior characterization of ferromagnetic (Ni80Fe20) and semiconductor (p-Si, n-Si) thin films and their interfaces.