Anke Weidenkaff1 Wenjie Xie1 Benjamin Balke1 Pingjun Ying1 Xingxing Xiao1

1, Univ of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, , Germany

The lecture will provide a short overview on the development of complex thermoelectric materials and information on the research field of multifunctional perovskite-type ceramics and Heusler-type intermetallics gaining importance for future thermoelectric technologies.
High temperature thermoelectric applications require tailoring of thermoelectric materials for different temperature levels. For the high temperature side of a converter oxides are generally the material of choice while at the low temperature side intermetallic compounds and chalcogenides are the better performing materials. The good performance of all those materials can be explained based on their suitable and tuneable band structure, stability, adjusted charge carrier density and mobility of e.g. strongly correlated electronic systems. These properties are predicted by theoretical concepts based on a fundamental understanding of the composition-structure-property relation to adjust the composition, structure and size of the crystallites in tailored scalable synthesis procedures.