Alice Smith1 Sven Vogel1 Jianzhong Zhang1 Scott Richmond1 Michael Ramos1 Franz Freibert1

1, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States

Aging in Pu is a complex phenomenon, occurring both “outside in” (corrosion in different environments) and “inside out” (self-irradiation). Self-irradiation effects lead to defects such as lattice distortions, void swelling, or formation of He bubbles that affect properties of the material, and over time, the safety and reliability of the material.
The δ-phase 239PuGa alloys lattice behavior was analyzed by neutron diffraction using the high-pressure preferred orientation neutron time-of-flight powder diffractometer, at the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Data were collected at ambient pressure and over a range of temperatures (12-300K). Lattice evolution is presented as a function of time, temperature, and alloy content. Results will be compared to literature data and similar measurements.