Yingpu Bi1

1, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Lanzhou, , China

Solar-driven photocatalytic water splitting has been regarded as a promising strategy for harnessing solar energy to supply clean and renewable hydrogen energy. It is well known that the photoinduced charge separation is a crucial driving force for all the photocatalytic reactions, while little is known about the interatomic electron transitions on photocatalysts that involved in water splitting process, probably due to the greater difficulty to experimentally access excitation state in comparison to ground ones. Thereby, the visualizing study concerning the interatomic electron transfer on photocatalysts for water splitting under photo-excitation should be not only more relevant for understanding photochemical mechanisms but also important for developing highly efficient photocatalysts. Our research mainly focus on the exploration of a novel synchronous illumination X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for direct observation of the photocharge separation and transfer process of photocatalysts in water splitting process, and study the influence of sacrificial reagent and co-catalyst on the photocharge separation of photocatalysts. By providing interatomic electron excitation and transfer for the photocatalysts, these studies provide the possible way to the investigation of the elementary steps involved in water splitting operated under photo-excitation, which may promote the understanding and developing of practical photocatalytic techniques[1-8].

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