CM05.03.02 : Levy Fight in Mayonnaise

8:30 AM–9:00 AM Apr 4, 2018 (America - Denver)

PCC North, 100 Level, Room 132 B

Matthieu Wyart1

1, EPFL, Lausanne, , Switzerland

Levy Fight in Mayonnaise

Glassy systems with long-range interactions often present avalanche type-response under slow driving, whose statistics is similar to that of earthquakes.
They also present a vanishing density of excitation at low energy or “pseudo gap”. I will explain why these facts must come together, and discuss in particular the plasticity of amorphous solids (for example, how does a mayonnaise flow when one slowly pushes it with a spoon). I will argue that the mean-field description of plasticity maps into the problem of Levy Flights near an absorbing boundary, and draw consequences of this analogy.