Dylan Nicholls1 John Gibbs1

1, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, United States

The targeted design of photoactive, swimming micro-particles and the effects of fuel concentration, pH of suspending media and particle geometry were investigated. Of particular interest is that the various TiO2 particle geometries exhibit geometry-dependent motion. The individual swimmers were made from a common and inexpensive photocatalyst TiO2, and when exposed to both hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet (UV) light, the colloids self-propel. Thus, the swimmers can be respectively activated and de-activated by exposure to UV light and subsequent removal. In order to achieve a particular type of desired swimming behavior, we carefully constructed particles with specified morphology and material composition. The active TiO2 particles serve as a basis for desired attributes such as long-term stability, tunability, energy efficiency, and controllable motion for applications in hydrogen fuel cells, targeted drug delivery systems, and environmental remediation.