David Simeone1 2 Vassilis Pontikis1 Laurence Luneville1 Alain Forestier1

1, CEA, Gif sur Yvette, , France
2, CentraleSupelec, Gif sur yvette, , France

The competition between interactions acting over different length scales, keystone of the radiation induced patterning, is clearly analyzed with conserved version of a Swift-Hohenberg (SH) equation. This equation analytically determined clearly shows that produced patterns exhibit universal features independent of the microscopic details of the dynamics. Such an equation allows not only the prediction of all possibles patterns and its generalized phase diagram, but also the solubility limits in emerging patterns. This analysis points out that up to now unexpected morphologies like rolls or hexagonal distributions of spheres with well defined solubility limits can be produced under irradiation varying the average composition of the alloys in the patterning domain.