Dimosthenis Sokaras1

1, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, California, United States

Recently, at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory we have expanded our high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy capabilities in the tender x-ray regime (1.6-5.0 keV). We have built an emission spectrometer developed on a Rowland geometry (500mm of radius) via cylindrically bent Johansson analyzers that operates in a wide range of diffraction angles (~30o-65o) while having a subnatural line-width energy resolution (~0.35eV @ 2400eV) at a dispersive geometry. Although the spectrometer is enclosed in a vacuum chamber, an independent sample chamber, separated with a thin window from the main chamber, has been incorporated to enable a flexible sample environment (e.g. solid/gas/liquid samples, in-situ cells, radioactive materials, etc.). This has provided as the opportunity to built a multidisciplinary science program in the tender x-ray regime related to catalysis, energy materials and actinides. Here we will summarize the developed capabilities and present the study of a series of Uranium intermetallics using resonant and non-resonant X-ray emission. Future plans and directions will be discussed.