Lin Zhou1

1, Nanjing Univ, Nanjing, , China

As water scarcity becomes one of the most serious global challenges of our time, there are significant efforts to search for technological solutions to water shortages. Solar desalination, which desalinates water using sunlight with minimum environmental impacts, has been regarded as one of the most promising strategies for advanced water purification and/or treatment. In this talk, we will review our recent processes on materials, structures and potential applications of the interfacial enabled solar water treatment, which includes: 1)the broadband solar absorbers and optical designs for microstructured solar thermal conversion processes; 2) plasmonic absorbers for interfacial solar steam generation and desalination; 3) optical designs and artificially tunable transpiration inspired by the interfacial solar water treatment. We hope our results may provide a competitive solution to the cost-effective and highly efficient solar water treatment strategies for personalized applications.