Kwanghyun Kim1 Sunyoung Yu1 Cheolwon An1 Sung-Wook Kim1 Ji-Hyun Jang1

1, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, , Korea (the Republic of)

The fundamental and serious problem of solar desalination, one of the most promising technique to solve the global water shortage, is poor efficiency. To improve the solar-to-vapor efficiency, a new device based on three-dimensional graphene networks (3DGNs) with a high solar absorption property and a mesoporous structure has been developed. The device contains 3DGN-photoabsorbers and a wood post that serves to deliver water and prevent heat loss to bulk water by a capillary force and thermal insulation property, respectively. It has shown greatly enhanced solar-to-vapor conversion efficiency of about 91.8% under one sun illumination and excellent desalination efficiency of five orders salinity decrement. Since this highly efficient solar desalination device is made by mass-producible 3DGNs and the earth-abundant wood piece, it provides a straightforward way to efficiently supply worldwide clean water.