Feng Guo1

1, Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Sound can be music to please the ear, however, the waves produced can be utilized as “Acoustic Tweezers” for the manipulation of cells and particles in a fluid medium. The acoustofluidics technology, combining sound waves with fluidics, becomes a revolutionary way to dexterously and noninvasively manipulate biological specimens. Firstly, this technique manipulates cells or particles using gentle mechanical vibrations. These vibrations create a pressure gradient in the medium to move suspended micro-objects yielding a contamination-free, contactless, and label-free manipulation. Secondly, acoustofluidics has minimal impact on cell viability and function. Thirdly, this technology can operate in a single micro-device without any external moving parts or complicated setups, which offer additional advantages in ease of use, versatility, and portability. Here, we report a series of acoustic tweezers for the manipulation of micro-objects in a liquid medium or the microfluidic environment to address the problems in the field of biomedicine including tissue engineering, cell-cell interaction, disease diagnostics, and point-of-care testing.