Uri Banin1

1, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, , Israel

Studying the dependence of properties of nanostructures as they develop from the zero-dimensional to the one-dimensional regime is significant for unravelling the modifications that occur in the electronic structure of the particle as it becomes anistropic. Such understanding can lead to better design and control of the particle properties, with relevance for a wide range of technological applications and in particular for flat panel displays, where semiconductor nanocrystals are presently used to achieve greatly improved color quality with energy saving characteristics. The high degree of control of shape and morphology of nanoparticles in colloidal synthesis, which allows forming structures of similar composition but of different dimensionalities and shapes, open the way for probing such dimensionality effects. We will present several effects involving the 0D to 1D transition in semiconductor nano heterostructures of different morphologies including “sphere in a sphere”, “sphere in a rod” and “rod in a rod”. Further effects of a graded shell composition will also be discussed.
Additionally, the quest for heavy-metal free anistropic nanocrystals led us to investigate anistropic Zn-chalcogenide semiconductor nanocrystals. This has led to discovery of a novel rod-couples architecture, as well as synthesis of dumbbells morphology. The particular paths for synthsis of such anistropic nanocrystals will be described, alongside their characteristics.