Jiatao Zhang1 2

1, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, , China
2, Beijing Key Laboratory of Construction Tailorable Advanced Functional Materials and Green Applications, Beijing, , China

The precise control of hetero-interface and doping induced band gap engineering, in colloidal semiconductor based hetero-nanocrystals (metal/semiconductor) and doped nanocrystals, is very important for the efficient energy or charge transfer through hetero-interface and then their novel optoelectronic properties exploration and their new energy, new optoelectronic devices applications. Growth of monocrystalline semiconductor based metal/semiconductor hybrid nanocrystals (core/shell and heterodimer) with modulated composition, morphology and interface strain are the prerequisite for exploring their plasmon-exciton coupling, efficient electron/hole separation, and enhanced photoctalysis properties. We realized nanoscale monocrystalline growth of the semiconductor shell on metal nanocrystals, the precise relative positions and hetero-interface between original building blocks to precisely synthesize metal/semiconductor hetero-nanostructures and hetero-valent doped semiconductor nanostructures, in particular the hetero-valent dopant engineering. These controls enable the fine tuning of doped level, plasmon-exciton coupling, Plasmon enhanced photocatalytic performance and enhanced photovoltaic, electrical properties applications.
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