Zaicheng Sun1 Dan Qu1

1, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, , China

Carbon dots, as a rising fluorescent materials have attracted continuously attention for potential applications in LED, solar cells, sensor, bioimaging and photocatalyst. However, its photo luminescent quantum yield (PL QY) is still quite low, especially emission in long wavelength region like red light. Herein, we proposed increasing the PL QY by doped carbon dots with N or S, N. The PL QY of carbon dots dramatically rises up after doping with N. It can reach over 90%. The carbon dots prepared via bottom-up route show excitation independent emission. In order to extend the absorption in the visible light region, S element is further introduced into the carbon dots to form S, N co-doped carbon dots. Due to the introduction of S and N, there is another S state was introduced into the band gap. That results in the new emission at red light region. Blue, green and red light emissions were obtained from carbon dots. Due to the excellent biocompatibility and low cytotoxicity, we further conjugated the cisplatin with carbon dots to obtain the theranostic agent. We explored to adding more function onto the carbon dots, like self-targeting and therapeutic function to construct the nanomedicine integrating with targeting, bio-imaing and therapy function together.